As a New York Times best selling author for his previous tome, Black Privilege, Charlamagne earned his stripes within the literary word, spreading his prolific messages of empowerment, community, and overcoming odds. Yearning to continue his professions, Charlamagne returns with another page-turner, Shook Ones.

With previous literary accolades, a wildly successful career in the spotlight, ongoing professional success, and a loving family and community, Charlamagne appears to have it all. Don’t be fooled though, he scratched, clawed, and persevered through many hardships in order to overcome trials, tribulations, and troubles. Through a completely transparent, honest, and real approach toward overcoming anxieties, Charlamagne chronicles his own experiences. In a relatable manner, he parlays his own life experiences into valuable lessons for readers.

In today’s fast-paced culture, where social media creates the illusion of luxurious lifestyles, celebrity status, and endless cash supplies, it may seem impossible to keep up. In a world where one unwarranted accusation can ruin a reputation built over an entire lifetime, it may seem impossible to keep your head up. In an atmosphere where “15 minutes of fame” has turned into a mere “5 minutes of fame”, Charlamagne has figured out a way to masterfully maintain longevity in the spotlight, and a meaningful space within cultural importance. In Shook Ones, he provides insight regarding the purposeful choices that have allowed his career to maintain integrity, and explains the manner in which he has not allowed fear to hold him back professionally, and personally. Shook Ones inspires readers to overcome their own anxieties, and to garner the strength needed to persevere in today’s real world, from the man who continues to lead by example with style, grace, and dignity


Fear is holding you back. It’s time to turn the tables and channel your fears to actually fuel your success.

Being shook is more than a rap lyric for Charlamagne, it’s his mission to overcome. While it may seem like he is ahead of the game and should have nothing to worry about, he is still plagued by anxieties—fear of being weak; fear of being a bad dad; fear of being a worse husband; and ultimately fear of failure. SHOOK ONE is his journey to beat back those fears and to empower you to no longer be held back from your potential.








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